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As one of the leading water and electricity distribution companies in the Middle East, we take pride in our reputation for being an organisation people can trust. Every time you turn on a tap or flick on a light switch, you can be sure we’re fulfilling our promise to deliver a quality service to our customers across Abu Dhabi.

ADDC a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Power Corporation and operate under the watchful eye of Department of Energy (DoE), the independent regulator that makes sure water and electricity suppliers like us maintain a high level of service and keep within environmental, health and safety standards at all times.

National Bond

National Bonds Corporation Sole Proprietorship P.S.C. is a leading investment company that takes pride in its innovative shari’a approach to financial products and services; catering to a substantial and diversified client base of retail customers, high-net-worth individuals, and corporations. 

National Bonds offers direct wealth accumulation through an all-in-one shari’a compliant Mudaraba based saving scheme, the first of its kind in the world. 

NOL card

Nol Card is a smart card that enables you to pay for the use of various RTA transport modes in Dubai with a single card. You can use your Nol Card to travel on Dubai’s Metro, Buses, Water Buses,Dubai Tram as well as pay for RTA’s Paid Parking.

Nol Cards are available in different types to meet everyone’s needs

With Dubai’s public convenience in mind, RTA is introducing the new Nol Card as the new way to travel around Dubai. Cash will not be accepted for payment to use Metro, Buses and Water Buses.

Benefits of Nol Cards

  • You can travel around Dubai and pay for parking using a single card
  • You no longer need to carry cash or worry about correct change
  • You will enjoy low cost fares and flexible transfers across different modes of transport
  • You can enjoy having special fares for different concession types of nol blue card (for Students, Senior Citizen and Disabled)
  • Many new features and Services. Find out more


Salik won’t waste your time

Salik is a free flowing system, so you don’t need to stop your car at any point on a Dubai highway and manually pay a road toll to someone sitting at a toll booth: you can travel freely, at normal highway speeds.

There are no toll booths, barriers or physical gates, so you drive straight through the tolling gate. (Salik means “open” or “clear” in Arabic – for good reason).

You don’t need to have cash with you

Each time your vehicle passes through a Salik toll point, a toll of AED 4 is automatically deducted from your prepaid Salik toll account – it’s that simple.

All you need is a Salik tag

If you want to use Dubai’s highways, you need to attach a Salik tag to your vehicle windshield. Our scanning technology automatically identifies your vehicle when you drive through a Salik toll gate. Learn more about how Salik works.

Mawaqif- Top- up / Fine

Mawaqif is a public parking system implemented by the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi. Parking meters set time limits to ensure smooth flow of traffic and prohibit improper parking practices in the city

The Mawaqif account which you have created will help you use M-Mawaqif service. It is a value a value-added service which you can make use of for hassle-free payments of parking fees. M-Mawaqif allows you to pay the fees through your registered Du or Etisalat number.

Zakat Fund

Zakat Fund in the United Arab Emirates are the zakat body aims to increase awareness of Zakat and establish the concept of the effectiveness of Zakat and its important role in Maja. Zakat Fund federal, specializes in the service of Zakat, awareness, and acceptance of its money, and other resources, and disbursement of the banks through the provision of efficient and interconnected services, centered on “concerned” in order to contribute to the achievement of social development in the state. Its vision is -leadership and excellence in the service of Zakat

International Top- up

Recharge local as well as International Prepaid Mobile & Instant Top up. International Mobile Top-ups across 130+ Countries

Foloosi Business Store

You can maintain an online store under this section and sell your products in an easy way. Foloosi is a complete solution that seamlessly connects consumers with businesses and is backed by a powerful CRM system to provide actionable flow of events resulting in a fast, modern and secure way of making technology work at its advanced best especially in payments. 

Business service providers can track, collect and manage payments faster and in a credible manner. No need for developers to set up an online store, maintain and develop.

Just visit Foloosi app, showcase and sell your products where as your product can reach nook and corner of the country.

Foloosi Business Option

In Foloosi app we have Foloosi Business option category. Under this section you can add your products based on your business

  • Log in to the merchant panel and in the left side you can see the option of products
  • Add products and enter the details like product name, description and price
  • Now your products will be listed in the business section of the customer app

Now it’s time for the customers. They can view the products, select according to their choice of interest and order and pay within few seconds.

We help to develop your business with instant innovation readily available. Our group is about advancement, which means you’ll get the chance to profit by the steady upgrades and research that they’re directing

Innovation never rests! You can maintain your business all day, every day and catch trade at all hours of the day.